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For more information about the MDTA visit: www.mdta.maryland.gov

Project Overview Purpose & Need

The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) is completing construction of the Express Toll Lanes (ETLs) on the most congested portion of I-95 north of Baltimore City. This 8-mile segment stretches from the I-895 (N) split in east Baltimore City, to north of MD 43 in White Marsh.

ETL Overview Map

Known during planning studies (2003 - 2005) as “JFK-Section 100,” the I-95 Improvements with Express Toll Lanes Project will ease congestion and increase safety by making improvements to I-95, reconstructing bridges and interchanges, and adding ETLs.

View the I-95 Master Plan PDF

View how the interchanges looked before and upon completion.

Segment 1 — Moravia Road to Kenwood Avenue, including I-895 Interchange (Exit 62)
Segment 1 Existing   Segment 1 Future
I-895 Before
I-895 Complete

I-895 Interchange

Segment 2 — Kenwood Avenue to Rossville Boulevard, including I-695 Interchange (Exit 64)
Segment 2 Existing   Segment 2 Future
I-695 Before
I-695 Phase II Complete (with ETL highlighted)

I-695 Interchange

Segment 3 — Rossville Boulevard to Cowenton Avenue, including MD 43 Interchange (Exit 67)
Segment 2 Existing   Segment 2 Future
MD 43 Before
MD 43 Upon Completion

MD 43 Interchange

When completed in 2014, there will be two ETLs and four general-purpose lanes in each direction. Drivers traveling from north of MD 43 through to I-895 will have the choice of using the general-purpose lanes at no cost or paying a toll to use the ETLs. In addition, ETL access for drivers traveling on MD 43 will be provided to and from the south along I-95. The tolls will be managed to maintain relatively congestion-free traffic flow. The toll for using the ETLs will vary depending on the time of day and amount of traffic on the road.

View how you will access the ETL

Typical section of the improved roadway with General-Purpose Lanes and Express Toll Lanes

Graphic - Existing and Future Alignment