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Local Traveler Information

For more information about the MDTA visit: www.mdta.maryland.gov

Driver Information  

Happy motorist.Our goal upon completion of the Express Toll Lanes project is to provide you with easier, safer, and less congested travel on I-95 throughout the project area. We appreciate your patience throughout the construction phase. Traffic advisories will be issued throughout the construction of the ETLs. We are committed to minimizing the impacts of construction as much as possible. All travel lanes will be open during the peak morning and evening hours during the week.

Traffic Advisories

To view real-time traffic camera images on MDTA roadways, click on the traffic camera link at mdta.maryland.gov. For MDTA active lane closures, statewide traffic information and to view other traffic camera images statewide, visit traffic.maryland.gov.

WHAT: Weather permitting, new flyover entrance ramps to northbound and southbound
I-95 from eastbound and westbound MD 43 (White Marsh Boulevard) will open to
traffic. The NEW entrance ramps will be accessible from the right lane on MD 43
and will be located prior to passing over I-95. In addition, there now will be one
ramp from eastbound MD 43 and one ramp from westbound MD 43 to access both
northbound and southbound I-95. There will be a second decision point on each
ramp from MD 43 to access northbound or southbound I-95.

WHEN: The new flyover ramp for westbound MD 43 traffic to I-95 will open in time for
morning commuters on Tuesday, Nov. 4. The new flyover ramp for eastbound
MD 43 to I-95 will open in time for morning commuters on Thursday, Nov. 6,
after which the new traffic pattern will be in effect.

WHY:The work is part of the reconstruction of the I-95/MD 43 interchange for the MD
Transportation Authority’s (MDTA) I-95 Improvements with Express Toll Lanes
(ETL) Project.

Driving Tips During Construction

During a large construction project like this, traffic patterns often change, lane closures occur, and the safety of motorists and road crews are a concern. Here are some basic tips that will help keep you and our workers safe.