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- I-95 from MD 43 Interchange to Joppa Road
- I-95/MD 43 Interchange
- Whitemarsh Run Conservation Area Site
- I-695 Mainline from US Route 1 to MD Route 7
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- I-95 Southbound between I-895 and Eastern Avenue
- I-95 from Chesaco Ave. to Hazelwood Ave.
- I-95 and I-895 Mainline Construction
- Rossville Boulevard Bridge Replacement
- Cowenton Avenue and Joppa Road Bridge Replacements
- I-95/I-895 Northbound General-Purpose Lanes Construction
- I-95/I-695 Interchange & Lillian Holt Drive and Kenwood Avenue Bridges
- I-95 from Rossville Blvd. to Campbell Blvd.
- I-95/I-695 Managed Lanes (ETLs) Mainline
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Construction Projects  
Reconstruction of the I-95/MD 43 Interchange

As part of the Maryland Transportation Authority’s I-95 Express Toll Lanes (ETLsSM) Project, the interchange at MD 43 and I-95 will be reconstructed. MD 43 (White Marsh Boulevard) will be widened from four to six lanes through the interchange. Two new elevated ramps will be built to allow direct ETL access between MD 43 and I-95 to and from the south. Two highway speed, general-purpose ramps will be built over I-95 to serve motorists traveling from eastbound MD 43 to northbound I-95 and from westbound MD 43 to southbound I-95.

Reconstruction will include the widening of 1.6 miles of I-95 in this area to realign the existing eight general-purpose lanes and add the four Express Toll Lanes.

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View maps of current and anticipated traffic patterns.

Summer 2012-Fall 2012 PDF

Fall 2012-Summer 2013 PDF

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Summer 2014-Fall 2014PDF

The project area after completion of Phase I. Previous MD 43 Configuration

The project area after completion of Phase I. Future I-95/MD 43 Interchange

About Construction

During the first phase of construction, new I-95 general purpose lanes and interchange ramps are being built. The widening of MD 43 has begun. Throughout construction, all lanes of I-95 and MD 43 will be open in each direction during peak-traffic periods. Temporary traffic signals on MD 43 and temporary ramps will be constructed to maintain traffic while the new MD 43 bridge is built over I-95.

As part of the second phase, traffic will move to the newly constructed I-95 general-purpose lanes while the new ETLs and their ramps at MD 43 are constructed (phase three).

The final phase will include demolition of the existing MD 43 bridge and the completion and opening of the new bridge over I-95.

Construction began in 2011 and will last about three years, with scheduled completion in 2014. Construction activities include:

  • New Full-Depth Pavement Installation.
  • Pavement Resurfacing.
  • Storm Drain Improvements.
  • Removing and Replacing the MD 43 Bridge over I-95.
  • Construction of Two Elevated Ramps and Two Flyover Ramps.
  • New Retaining Wall Structures.
  • New Noise Barrier Structures.
  • New Signage, Pavement Marking and Intelligent Transportation System Improvements.
  • Lighting.
  • New Traffic Signals.
  • Utility Relocation.