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- Underway
- I-95 from MD 43 Interchange to Joppa Road
- I-95/MD 43 Interchange
- Whitemarsh Run Conservation Area Site
- I-695 Mainline from US Route 1 to MD Route 7
- Completed
- I-95 Southbound between I-895 and Eastern Avenue
- I-95 from Chesaco Ave. to Hazelwood Ave.
- I-95 and I-895 Mainline Construction
- Rossville Boulevard Bridge Replacement
- Cowenton Avenue and Joppa Road Bridge Replacements
- I-95/I-895 Northbound General-Purpose Lanes Construction
- I-95/I-695 Interchange & Lillian Holt Drive and Kenwood Avenue Bridges
- I-95 from Rossville Blvd. to Campbell Blvd.
- I-95/I-695 Managed Lanes (ETLs) Mainline
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Construction Projects  
Dumptruck at construction site.

The I-95 Express Toll Lanes project includes interchange improvements and reconstruction of the roadway to include two Express Toll Lanes (ETLs) and four general-purpose lanes in each direction along 8 miles of I-95 between the I-95/I-895 split to north of MD 43. The ETLs will be physically separated from the general-purpose lanes, with designated access points at each end of the 8-mile corridor.

Current construction will complete the ETL mainline through the I-695 and MD 43 interchanges.


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Environmental Stewardship

The I-95 ETLs project is required to comply with State and Federal environmental laws and regulations, including the terms and conditions of permits issued by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). These permits govern impacts to wetlands and streams, as well as discharges of stormwater from construction areas. The MDTA and its contractors maintain a rigorous program of inspections to ensure that erosion and sediment control practices (such as silt fencing) are correctly installed, properly maintained, and promptly repaired when needed. Representatives of MDE and USACE also conduct independent inspections to make sure that all applicable regulations and permit conditions are being followed with respect to stormwater discharges and erosion/sediment controls. The MDTA makes it a priority to promptly address any problems identified by the inspectors.

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